Francisco Giraldo

Hi! my name is Francisco Giraldo. I'm a Web Developer from Cali, Colombia.

Colombia in a world map

I have 8 years of experience working for companies doing Web Development and more than 20 years experimenting with websites since I had my first computer when I was 14 years old. The good old days of Frontpage and fancy color websites and animated gifs!

Nowdays, my main working experience resides in WordPress advanced development.

But I also like to learn new technologies like React, or the Jamstack

My work with WordPress

As as Web Developer I have used WordPress like a programming framework rather than the usual plugins/themes install/configuration approach.

I use a bare bones theme for developers called the Lean Theme for creating custom websites.

I also rely heavily on the use of the Advance Custom Fields plugin to create the backend data structure and the Gutenberg blocks of a website.

Tech Skills

Tech Tools

Latest work

Live WordPress sites:

Updated: September 2020