Francisco Giraldo

Case Study: Madison Capital Funding

Suka Creative is an NYC based design and creative agency committed to helping you build awareness for your business.

Project screenshot

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Client: Suka Creative

  • Client industry: Investment
  • Client size: +50
  • Project Website:
Creation of a new website.

Project Requirements

  • Responsive web design
  • Flexible UI components
  • Smooth animations
  • Tech: wordpress
  • Project Duration: 3 months

Project Overview

Content oriented project created with flexible reusable blocks.

The Challenge

This website had many types of content but nothing to difficult that WordPress couldn't handle.

The client also wanted content to fade in as the user scrolled down to the content.

The Approach & Solution

Most of the functionality was created using WordPress' basic setup, plus the creation of many custom post types.

CSS animations were used to trigger the necessary animations.

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