My first post using Eleventy


This website was created using the following tools:


Eleventy is a tool for generating HTML from certain configuration files and templates. The HTML generated will be optimized and ready to be uploaded in a server.


Netlify is a platform for storing and editing websites very "easily".

Easily for developers; because you need to know how to use a version control system like Git, and basic concepts of continuous deployment.

Netlify content management system

This tool creates a Dashboard where you can create pages and posts online. It connects to your Netlify account.

Eleventy-Netlify boilerplate

This code groups the tool Eleventy, Netlify and Netlify CMS and also scafolds some basic pages and posts.


Tailwind is a CSS framework that contains hundreds of useful CSS classes for creating any design. This classes are called functional classes because each one of them does just one single thing.


PostCSS is a javascript tool that compiles Tailwind and optimizes the CSS.

Tailwind Toolbox

This is a handy library of UI components created with TailwindCSS.

Particle JS

This creates the cool effect of the constellation in the background of this website.